Paranormal Show 1

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The first of a brand new series in which Mike Watkins investigates hundreds of paranormal events from around Stroud, Gloucestershire, the UK and all over the world. Over the next few months Mike will be joined by some of the highest authorities on the paranormal. You’ll be hearing from ghosthunters, psychics, mediums, healers, witches and authors as well as plenty of complete sceptics. There’ll be loads of local tales covering everything from Woodchester Mansion to the Queen Vic. In this show he is joined by ghosthunter Ross Andrews, author of Paranormal Cheltenham, Paranormal Forest of Dean, Paranormal Oxford and The Tourist Guide to Paranormal London. Hear all about Ross’s experiences on the TV show ‘Most Haunted’, plus his theories on brain psychology and some bizarre stories about orbs, dogs and flying paint pots!

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