Chad Wornfoot Who's He

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Promotional InformationEdit

A one-off, hour long documentary examining the phenomenon that is, and has become – Chad Wornfoot.

The show features his first ever radio appearance on Stroud FM, Chad’s amazing performance on the classic radio quiz ‘Masturbrain, as well as showcasing many of his favourite hobbies and pastimes.

Musically, we are treated to a heart warming version of Johnny Cash’s arrangement of the Nine Inch Nails classic ‘Hurt’, an interesting interpretation of Sam Cooke’s ‘Wonderful World’, plus not be missed live versions of Thunder’s beautiful ballad ‘Better Man’ and Lynyryd Skynyrd’s rock classic ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’

Thanks go out to Phil Farmer, Chris Wilkins, Mike Greenman, Cat, Louise & Debbie Watkins, Tarquin, Musty, Lucy, Max, Julian, Sid, Bunny, Karen, Erica from America, Facebook, Stroud FM, Scooby Doo, Led Zeppelin, and of course the late, great William Shakespeare; without whom this programme would not have been possible.

Also my sincerest apologies to Mr Brian Kennedy

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