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We now know that it didn’t happen; but perhaps we got the date wrong… or, as is more than likely, misunderstanding and misinterpretation dominated the information we were fed. Mike Watkins, Vicki Schoolman, Pat Wood and Max Nicol discuss the way in which the media built the concept of the end of days. With a mixture of humour and serious debate, everything from consumer culture, the binary trap, suppressed knowledge and progress, the education grid, religious fanaticism, ufology, Phillip Schofield, natural disasters, well blessing and the Yellowstone Volcano wiping out all life on Earth are explored – and that’s just a teasing taster of what else to expect. Both shows are guaranteed to get you thinking and probably talking back (or ranting) at your radio. Interspersed amongst the fascinating debates are tracks from Thunder, The Darkness and Nat King Cole.